Monday, November 12, 2012


Lloyd's, a new cocktail and whiskey bar, just opened up on East Girard to great reviews (4.5 star average on Yelp)

Here are some quotes
Lloyd is my new favorite bar in Fishtown... and all of Philadelphia for the matter. With its cozy atmosphere, cool background music, and great friendly service, I've already become a regular in just the first couple weeks this bar has been open. From the food to the cocktails, Lloyd knows what they're doing and they are doing it right! This bar is just what the neighborhood needed and it will be a hotspot for locals and visitors alike for a long time..
Paul V.

Enjoyed my first visit to Lloyd and feel blessed that the area has yet another solid destination for eating and drinking.
Mike G.

The drinks were TOP NOTCH, and the happy hour special is a great deal.
M. H. 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art Gallery

Summer has started early, judging from the number of group shows already under way in Philadelphia galleries. Nature, rendered in almost every form imaginable, is the chief subject.
Sienna Freeman, Wexler Gallery’s director and an artist herself, is the curator behind Wexler’s “Wild Nature,” a gathering of four artists from across the country and Canada who envision nature through the lens of memory, dreams, and natural-history museum dioramas.
Curiously, while the majority of works are dark or disturbing in character, they are mainly white or pale in color.
Jennifer Trask’s wearable and wall-mounted assemblages of animal bones, found objects, precious metals, and stones give the impression of talismans that draw their magical power from nature; Andy Paiko’s ornate blown-glass bell jars enclosing natural objects — one contains a coyote spine — seem to harness nature’s mysterious forces as well, but also clearly reference the Victorian fascination with collecting.

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Indie Rock Fest

Philadelphia, PA - May 21, 2012. Indie Rock and Indie Folk fans in Philadelphia have plenty of reasons to stay in the city this Memorial Day Weekend. iRadioPhilly and The Fire have teamed to present Philadelphia's second annual Sundrop Music and Arts Festival. The weekend-long event will feature three days and two nights of the best multi genre music Philadelphia has to offer.

The Sundrop Festival daytime shows on the outdoor stage are FREE admission and open to all ages from 1 to 8 pm. Night shows on the indoor stage in The Fire’s music room are $10 admission and open to ages 21+. iRadioPhilly will report live from event during the entire festival.
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Pick up your pass to see Micheal Obama on Girard

You can pick up your pass at 206 E. Girard Avenue Suite C in Fishtown.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zoo to Get More Parking

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Zoo has plans to build a multi-level parking garage near the zoo grounds.

The zoo brings in 1.2 million visitors every year, and that’s a lot of cars to park. As a way to improve the parking situation, the zoo says it plans to build a parking garage, with completion slated for April of 2013.

“The parking garage itself will be located on Girard Avenue at 35th Street,” says the zoo’s Kenneth Woodson. “It’s a four-story structure and it will house approximately 685 cars.”
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Translating Japanese Fairy Tales

Japanese fairy tales are by turn both strange and exotic, yet also surprisingly familiar, for folktales of all sorts are tenacious having a tendency to get passed from village to village and to survive through generations across the world. Thus we have stories of the heavenly maidens and their magical shawls in both Greece and Japan, and motifs between Japan and Native American countries which are surprisingly similar. In many ways stories survived better in Japan then either of these two places  thus while we have for the most part forgotten about the spirits of bears and deities which people once believed lived in Europe's rocks these are still present in the Japanese fairy tale "The Bear Stone." In which a bear is saved by a woodsman and so the bear becomes the guardian of the village through generations. They are also present in the tale of "The Thunder Kami" in which a Grandfather and Granddaughter climb a mountain to pray to a stone for rain. Similar stories are seen among the Sami, the Celts, the Finns, and the people of Iceland, we have just forgotten most of these, or they have changed  as Europe changed.
In addition to these tales there are strange wondrous stories such as "The Snow Woman" in which a fearsome but beautiful girl brings storms which freeze woodsmen until she falls in love with one. Yet as with European tales such stories rarely have happy endings. The world of humans isn't necessarily meant to met the other world after all.
Because of the fascinating array of stories has been translating Japanese fairy tales into English to make them freely available for people to enjoy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Larry's Steaks

Larry's Steaks has opened their doors at 920 W Girard Avenue, you can view their Menu.